Villa Cattani Stuart is placed at the center of a territory that, for its position, history and the facility to be reached, is the best for those who look for the perfect holiday, discovering the center of Italy.

Pesaro is a town meeting point of art, culture, lifestyles, enogastonomic traditions and passions.


It overlooks directly the Adriatic Sea, in correspondence to the first hills (the San Bartolo and the Ardizio) that dive into the sea, in a breath-taking panorama and crystal clear waters. It is set in the South of the “Riviera Romagnola”, well-known for its amusement parks, cities of art, good local food and the most amazing and famous seaside resorts. It is situed on the very North of Marche and it is synonym of high quality of life, blooming nature, medieval villages and fashion as well.

Not to mention its proximity to Montefeltro, territory of great legends and Italian history. It it also a few km from Umbria, famous for its unique pieces of religious art.

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